Mission Statement

At present the Central Coast's Traditional Latin Mass Community of Saint Junipero Serra is served by Fr. Hughes Beaugrand at the request of the Most Reverend Richard J. Garcia, D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Monterey in California.

The Traditional Latin Mass Community of Saint Junipero Serra serves those members of Christ's Faithful who worship in accordance with the traditional Latin Liturgy (or Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite) of the Catholic Church. The Sacred Liturgy is celebrated with the Roman liturgical books of 1962. Not merely its lawfulness, but the continued importance of the traditional Latin Liturgy for the faith and life of the Church, already
affirmed by St. John Paul II in 'Ecclesia Dei,' was further emphasized and guaranteed by Pope Benedict XVI, in 'Summorum Pontificum.'

The traditional Latin Liturgy is centered on God as its core. The Traditional Latin Mass as it has developed through the centuries, under the gentle influence of the Holy Spirit, bears treasures of language, music and ritual that raise our hearts and minds to the presence and action of Almighty God, in order to praise Him and to witness to the Gospel message given to us by Christ
Jesus our Savior.

Friday, April 13, 2018

April 13, 2018 Bulletin

In English

Masses 04/14-21:
Hollister: Sunday 10:30am; Tuesday 6:30pm; Wednesday 7:30am; Thursday 12:00pm; Friday 6:30pm; Saturday 8:00am
Pismo Beach: Sunday 3:30pm; Monday 9:00am

Hollister: Adult Catechism Thursday
Pismo Beach: n/a

Message from Fr. Beaugrand: “I am the good Shepherd. The good Shepherd giveth his life for his sheep.” In 2004, when the founders of the Institute of the good Shepherd were looking for a name, they wanted to have a name close to what we do and what we should aim: to be a shepherd! In the same manner, our seminary is under the patronage of Saint Vincent of Paul who was a Shepherd for the poor children, a father to the lost sheep. The ministry of the Institute is towards sheep in parishes, schools, youth, retreat centers. 40 priests are working in the fields: 12 in South America (Columbia, Brazil), 18 in France, 6 in Poland, 2 in Italy, 1 missionary in Uganda, 1 in the USA. In the seminary, there are 40 young men studying and praying to be a good shepherd. On June 23rd, 5 young deacons will be ordained priests in Bordeaux. The members live in community life, they pray, work, suffer, support each other. The Institute is young and in the traditional milieu, it lives in a very abstemious manner having full confidence in the Divine Providence. The Institute has a particular place because mostly of the name and the spirituality coming from it. Being new is refreshing and brings a new spirit but it is also challenging. Today, it is the major feast of the Institute: long live to the Institute of the good Shepherd. Let’s pray for the priests and seminarians who are serving or about to serve!

In Spanish

Misas Abril 08-14:
Hollister: Domingo 10:30am, Martes 6:30pm; Miércoles 7:30am; Jueves 12:00pm; Viernes 6:30pm; Sábado 8:00am
Pismo Beach: Domingo 3:30pm; Lunes 9:00am

Hollister: Adult catechism Thursday;
Pismo Beach: n/a

Mensaje del Padre Beaugrand: "Yo soy el buen pastor. El buen Pastor da su vida por sus ovejas. "En 2004, cuando los fundadores del Instituto del Buen Pastor buscaban un nombre, querían tener un nombre cercano a lo que hacemos y a lo que deberíamos aspirar: ser un ¡pastor! De la misma manera, nuestro seminario está bajo el patrocinio de San Vicente de Paúl, que era pastor de los niños pobres, padre de las ovejas perdidas. El ministerio del Instituto es hacia ovejas en parroquias, escuelas, jóvenes, centros de retiros. 40 sacerdotes trabajan en la viña del Señor: 12 en América del Sur (Colombia, Brasil), 18 en Francia, 6 en Polonia, 2 en Italia, 1 misionero en Uganda, 1 en los Estados Unidos. En el seminario, hay 40 jóvenes estudiando y orando para ser un buen pastor. El 23 de junio, 5 jóvenes diáconos serán ordenados sacerdotes en Burdeos, Francia. Los miembros viven en vida comunitaria, oran, trabajan, sufren, se apoyan mutuamente. El Instituto es joven y en el medio tradicional, vive de una manera muy abstinente y tiene plena confianza en la Divina Providencia. El Instituto tiene un lugar particular porque principalmente del nombre y la espiritualidad que proviene de El. Ser algo nuevo es refrescante y trae un nuevo espíritu, pero también es un desafío. Hoy es la gran fiesta del Instituto: viva el Instituto del buen Pastor. ¡Oremos por los sacerdotes y seminaristas que sirven o están a punto de servir!

Friday, March 9, 2018

March 9, 2018 Bulletin

Masses 03/11-03/17: 
Hollister: Sunday 10:30am; Tuesday 6:30pm; Wednesday 7:30am; Thursday 12:00pm; Friday 6:30pm; Saturday 8:00am
Pismo Beach: Sunday 3:30pm; Monday 9:00am

Hollister: Sat:1st Communion Catechism; Youth Group; Fridays of Lent: Way of the Cross after Mass.
Pismo Beach: n/a

Message from Fr. Beaugrand: Laetare Sunday! It means hurry up! Next week will be Passiontide and then Palm Sunday and Holy Week! We have passed mid-Lent already and today Church is rejoicing and asks us to rejoice because dead to sin with Our Lord during Lent we will very soon be risen with Him by Easter Holy Communion and Confession. The gospel today is talking about the Multiplication of Bread and fishes symbolizing the Eucharist and the epistle brings us back to baptism. Station today is at the basilica of Holy Cross in Jerusalem in Rome, very close to Saint John Lateran. That Basilica is on the Mount Coelius where Saint Helena, mother of Constantin, was living. She transformed her palace into the basilica because of the Holy Relics of the Passion of Our Lord. On this day, before in that basilica, were blessed roses, queen of flowers, to represent the flowered garden in Heaven. Adam and Eve were living in a beautiful garden and were lead out of it because of their disobedience. Now, at the edge of our resurrection with Our Lord, we can see that hope being restored. Rejoice! That’s also why organ can be heard and flowers be put on the altar. Then, we will intensify our penance to be ready on time!

Monday, March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018 Bulletin

Masses 03/04-03/10:
Hollister: Sunday 10:30am; Tuesday 7:30am; Wednesday 7:30am; Thursday 12:00pm; Friday 6:30pm;
Pismo Beach: Sunday 3:30pm; Monday 9:00am

Hollister: Adult Catechism: Thursday PC 3rd floor; Fridays of Lent: Way of the Cross after Mass. Lenten Mission in Oakdale Saturday 11am to 4pm in Saint Mary’s church.
Pismo Beach: Easter Sunday Potluck with Fr. Matthieu Raffray, I.B.P.

Links to Detailed Announcements Below Message

Message from Fr. Beaugrand: On the third Sunday of Lent, the stational Mass is said at Saint Laurent outside the walls. In that basilica are the sacred bodies of two deacons: Saint Laurent and Saint Stephen. On their feast days, Church wants us to be like Saint Laurent extinguishing the flames of the flesh and to love our enemies like Saint Stephen uniting chastity and charity. It is said that during the agony of Saint Laurent where he was being burned there were flames from his pyre and another one above him who was enlightening his soul. That image was taken to build the basilica in Rome. We found that analogy in the epistle today: light and fruits described first as negative, then positive as goodness, justice and truth. Goodness and justice regard the will and truth is for intellect because truth should enlighten the soul so that the judgement, which precedes actions, is consistent to the divine good; this is where truth lays. To conform our lives to God doesn’t seem easy but it is easy! The difficulty that we perceive is coming from our resistance. Day after day, we resist to God not entirely but we stay on the border. That edge is sharp, too sharp to risk it. We should surrender to God’s will and then we will not only be free but we rest in Him.

-PDF Regarding Lenten Mission

-PDF Regarding the Funding of Parishes in South America (PDF in Portuguese) 

Friday, February 23, 2018

February 23, 2018 Bulletin

Masses 02/25-03/03:
Hollister: Sunday 10:30am; Tuesday 6:30pm; Wednesday 7:30am; Thursday 12:00pm; Friday 6:30pm; Saturday 8:00am
Pismo Beach: Sunday 3:30pm; Monday 9:00am

Hollister: Sat:1st Communion Catechism; Youth Group; Fridays of Lent: Way of the Cross after Mass.
Pismo Beach: n/a

Message from Fr. Beaugrand: This is the second Sunday of Lent and in the mass of the day, it seems we are already in trouble: in fact, in the Collect we are praying God to preserve us inside and outside because we have no strength. We are weak! But still 35 days to go! It is like an athlete: when he starts his run, he is really motivated and strong but then he feels all the pain and difficulties and realizes he wasn’t that ready! Now he can see where he should have worked more! In our spiritual lives, we are motivated like lions the first days of Lent but then we feel the difficulties physically, spiritually and morally! It is not a time to complain but instead to use these weaknesses to get better. The athlete knows now where to focus more and what training he needs. Same thing for us, after a week of training, we should know where to focus and where to go: maybe doing it better, more seriously, or readjusting things for the long race to come, even for some to take it easy if we want to pass the finish line. Every step should be calculated in order to look the finish line, that’s the most important thing: no vanity but sincerity! Doing it better means taking the tools necessary to be there on Easter day!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

February 8, 2018 Bulletin

Masses 02/11-02/17
Hollister: Sunday 10:30am; Tuesday 7:30am; Wednesday 5:00pm; Thursday 12:00pm; Friday 6:30pm; Saturday Mass 8:00am
Pismo Beach: Sunday 3:30pm; Monday 9:00am

Hollister: Ash Wednesday: Feb. 14th, 1st Communion Saturday, Youth group Fridays of Lent
Pismo Beach: n/a

Prayer Requests: Please continue to pray for Mary Mager who is recovering from the flu.

Message from Fr. Beaugrand:
Ash Wednesday, a day of Fast and Abstinence. Fasting laws are: one full meal (no meat) and 2 collations (snacks) that are less than a full meal combined. You may have seen all over diocesan websites across the Country that bishops clarified the law of fast and abstinence this year because it falls on Saint Valentine’s feast. Well, sadly people requested a dispense from fast and abstinence because they wanted to celebrate Valentine’s day. Of course, we all know that they are not celebrating the great Saint Valentine, priest and martyr of Rome who converted many people before death. Are we following the world? Right after Christmas day, stores were already showing hearts and Valentine’s decoration. The poor martyr is now a business feast. God is love and we celebrate that love every day and especially at Mass where Our Lord freely gave his life for us and renews his Holy Sacrifice on the altar overflowing grace on our souls. This week we start our journey to Easter by fast and abstinence, by pausing our lives to reflect on our way, our path, our sojourn here on earth and our journey to Heaven. 40 days to meditate, pray, fast and give to all. 40 days to do better every day what we are supposed to do. 40 days to accompany our Lord and our God. It is a short time, no time to waste!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

February 3, 2018 Bulletin

Masses 02/04-02/10 Hollister: Sunday 10:30am; Pismo Beach: Sunday 3:30pm

CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS: Fr. Beaugrand will be on retreat this week keeping you in his prayers.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mary Mager, she is ill with the flu.

Message from Fr. Beaugrand: Wake up, why are you asleep, O Lord? The introit’s word from the Ps. 43 are asking to God some help as we are striving here on earth. We are calling God as our bodies are heavy here on earth. “For you suffer if a man bring you into bondage, if a man devour you, if a man take from you, if a man be lifted up, if a man strike you on the face. I speak according to dishonour, as if we had been weak in this part. Wherein if any man dare (I speak foolishly), I dare also. They are Hebrews: so am I. They are Israelites: so am I. They are the seed of Abraham: so am I. They are the ministers of Christ (I speak as one less wise): I am more” Saint Paul is also making a call and complained to the Corinthians about the people in the community who are attacking him. It is in this passage he mentioned: “for myself I will glory nothing, but in my infirmities”. Then the Lord answered: “My grace is sufficient to thee… Gladly therefore will I glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may dwell in me.” Church wants us to meditate on us as individual and as a community uniting the 2nd Corinthians to the parable of the Sower in Luke. In what ground does the seed be planted? For sure, Paul’s followers heard him maybe too well as they didn’t want to hear what he was saying claiming they had precedence over him. Last week we heard the last will be the first! It is not a matter of time but a matter of work!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

January 20, 2018 Bulletin

Masses 01/21-01/27 Hollister: Sunday 10:30am; Tuesday 6:30pm; Wednesday 7:30am; Thursday 12:00pm; Friday No Mass; Saturday Mass in SF Walk for life Pismo Beach: Sunday 3:30pm; Monday 12:30pm

CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS Walk for life in SF: Saturday January 27th Sung Mass at 10:00am at Carmelite monastery of Cristo Rey, 721 Parker Ave, SF Pismo Beach (contact Celine Souza at 929-0115 for more information), Potluck Jan. 21st after Mass

Walk for Life Information: Father Beaugrand will say a sung (High) Mass before the walk begins, at 10 am in the Carmelite Monastery of Cristo Rey(721 Parker Ave. in San Francisco).  It would be wonderful if many could attend this beautiful Mass before the walk to prepare us for this important event. There will also be a High Mass at the National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi, 610 Vallejo St, San Francisco, after the walk at 5:00PM  The Shrine is about 20 minutes from the end of the walk. The celebrant will be Fr. Paul Fazio OFM Conv, and the Deacon and Preacher will be Fr. Francisco Nahoe OFM Conv. Please contact Celine Souza at 929-0115 for more information.   

Message from Fr. Beaugrand “Defend life, promote peace!” Pope Francis told the Colombians this very clear message and we need to take it seriously. We are artisans of peace and promoters of life. Every year, we have this very clear opportunity to promote life in a very demonstrative way and very peaceful way. This year, I have been invited to say Holy Mass before the walk at 10:00am in the Carmelite Monastery in SF. It is such an honor and I thank God for it. It will be a sung mass! I hope we will be united all together as a community: Hollister and Pismo Beach. The way to honor life is to honor the source of life: Our Lord Jesus Christ. What a way to thank God and in the meantime to implore Him to rain graces over the city while we will walk and show example to the world. As you know, I planned to go a long time ago and when I received this invitation I was very excited and honored. I certainly do not deserve it so God has his ways. We will try to be at some point on the plaza to be united together and to walk and pray to end this abomination. It will be the feast of Saint John Chrysostom the golden mouth and I pray the Holy Ghost that He will inspire me to say what God wants. If you can’t make it, you certainly can be united spiritually by prayers and penance. Let’s be united!